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Pure electric direct drive - simple but not easy

The pure electric extension program, based on pure electric drive technology platform, adopts CRRC's unique and reliable energy storage solution. With matching high-efficiency intelligent APU system and applying integrated central control assembly, it forms a plug-in new energy bus series that is more economical, reliable, more convenient and comfortable, more energy-saving and environment friendly.

More economics

The actual operational data shows that the comprehensive energy consumption of the extended-range plug-in city bus of CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. is reduced by more than 45%, and the average annual fuel cost savings are 82,800 yuan. The mechanical structure is simple and reliable, and the maintenance cost is low. The annual maintenance cost is 0.3 million yuan. Save up a car in eight years!

  • 45 %

    Reduce overall energy consumption

  • 8.28

    Save fuel costs

  • 0.3

    Saving maintenance costs

More reliable

Dual power source (APU power generation system + reliable energy storage system) can ensure the normal operation of the vehicle in hybrid mode without external charging conditions, with lower risk of failure, long cruising range and guaranteed attendance rate of over 98%. The full running rate could be over 96%. The reliability is comparable with a traditional vehicle. The finished vehicle meets various extreme environmental operation requirements of four Extremes and one steep (high temperature, high humidity, extreme cold, high altitude and steep slope). Battery capacitors are combined to store energy, and the battery has the same life as the finished vehicle.

  • 98 %

    Attendance rate

  • 9610K

    Full running rate

More safe

Through CAE analysis, the second-generation full loading technology, and the application of high-strength steel, the strength, rigidity and collision safety performance of the finished vehicle are guaranteed to ensure that the vehicle skeleton will not fail for more than 8 years. The finished vehicle adopts lightweight design, taking the 12-meter extended-range plug-in type as an example, the finished vehicle weight is reduced by 10%. The finished vehicle is insulated and the battery compartment is completely physically separated from the passenger area to ensure passenger safety. The vehicle is intelligently insulated, intelligently fault protected, smoke alarmed, and battery fuse designed. Intelligent fire extinguishing system, five layers of protection measures. The electric drive system has an IP67 protection level.

  • CAE analysis technology

  • Full loading technology

  • Application of high strength steel

More comfortable

The stepless speed regulation of pure electric drive in the whole working condition makes the driving smoothly and the ride comfortable. The stepless speed regulation pure electric drive and auxiliary system are fully electricized, thus no shifting operation is required, and driving is easy and light. Just like a subway car, the ride would be quiet and comfortable.

  • Stepless speed regulation

  • Electric auxiliary system


Compared with traditional fuel bus, the particulate matter is reduced by 90%, nitrogen oxides by 75%, and dioxide by 50%. When such a car is operated for eight years, it is equals building a 1.84km long urban road green belt.

  • 90 %

    Reduced particulate matter

  • 75%

    Reduced nitrogen oxides

  • 50%

    Reduced dioxide

More durable

Using products of high-quality battery manufacturers, the battery life is longer. The motor can adjust the working mode according to the actual road conditions, and the motor shaft is more durable.

  • High-quality battery

  • Working mode adjustable

Stronger power

The lithium battery is equipped with a small-sized, light-weight and high-efficiency dual-motor structure (ISG permanent magnet synchronous motor + TM drive motor), which has strong power; the hybrid electric power can effectively reduce the dependence on fuel and achieve zero fuel consumption of the engine.

  • Double motor structure

  • Hybrid

More efficient

It adopts fast charge lithium battery, which brings high cruising range, large charge and discharge rate, long battery life and fast charging speed. It can be fully charged by dispatching intermittent time for 10 minutes, which perfectly meets the current situation of bus dispatching and realizes true plug-in operation.

  • Lithium battery

  • Plug-in operation