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Vehicle buying processes

5steps for easy buying

To contact CRRC.EV

Welcome to contact CRRC.EV for information and price inquiry and negotiation, and our employees will record the detailed information about yourselves and your employer, and build up your special customer archives for better services for you.

CRRC.EV offers several contact ways and channels for you:

·Call 24h service number 400-175-5678; ·fill in the blanks for online buying; ·contact the local business managers of CRRC.EV
Demand confirmation

The business manager will visit you in person or by phone after then, to learn about your demand, and present the suitable solution and products in view of your practices for your checking and decision.

Online buying
Order execution

Once after you appoint a vehicle buying plan, both parties will enter into a purchase contract.


After the advance deposit is paid, our tens of thousands employees will start to manufacture the high quality products for you.

Satisfactory delivery

You may select to pick up the vehicles in the factory, or vehicle delivery services; if you select pick-up, you will enjoy our star-level on-purchase service.