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Leading processes
CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. built up many class one industrial product lines of welding, electrophoresis, coating, chassis, final assembly, inspection and so on, with an annual productivity of 10000 finished vehicles, key processes equipped with digital control and automation equipments, which reach to the advanced level in the industry, and CRRC.EV is an important new energy bus industrial base in China.

Optimized final assembly and perfect presentation

The flexibly designed product lines may effectively manufacture several kinds of buses at a same time and realize the customized production of new energy buses. The production period of a standard finished bus is 30 days.


Welding qualification International certification

On August 26, 2015, the third-party certification body Bureau Veritas (BV) issued the ISO3834 certificate to CRRC Electric, which marked that the CSR electric passed the high-speed international welding system certification.


Complete electrophoresis and anticorrosion of ten years

The whole electrophoresis line is completely automatic and mechanized in conveyance, with 100% wholly-dipped cathode electrophoresis, 25um of the electrophoresis coating, 1200 hours or longer salt smog tolerance and over 10 years of anticorrosion period.

  • 25um

    The thickness of electrophoresis coating

  • 266h

    Salt smog tolerance test

  • 10years

    Anti-corrosion ability


Keeping improvement and quality assurance

CRRC fine factory

To completely carry out post rated production and material conveyance.

Introduction of New Process, New Equipment and New Materials

CRRC.EV realizes the processes in continuous improvement and effectively ensures the outstanding performance of the products.

Outstanding quality standards and international authoritative authentication

CRRC.EV has the quality system standard authentications of ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949, China compulsory CCC authentication and EU authentication, and has the qualification to export the finished buses to Europe and America.

3 levels of test & inspection system

CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. invested 100 million yuan and built up a new energy vehicle comprehensive lab with 3 levels of test & inspection systems of Part-System-Finished Vehicle, which has passed the authentication of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and is a professional and authoritative test & inspection base in the domestic new energy vehicle field.

  • Sensor
    • Component test
  • Energy storage test
    Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Motor performance test
    Power capacitor
    Waterproof test
    High temperature and high humidity test
    System dynamic characteristic test
    Vibration environment test
    • Electric driving system test
  • Vehicle comprehensive test platform
    • Finished vehicle test