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L04City logistics, delivery expert

CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. focuses on the terminal logistics fields such as city post, express delivery and e-commerce. The newly developed pure electric logistics model has multiple advantages such as multi-purpose, economical, environment friendly, safe and reliable.
  • Efficient drive

    Direct drive of permanent magnet motor has a maximum power of 45KW, peak twist of 200NM, and high transmission efficiency.

    The maximum speed is 100km/h and the maximum cruising range is 220km.

  • Strong load

    Equipped with T-Power5 drive platform, the load capacity is strong, more than 620kg, professionally built as the city's "last mile" logistics expert.

  • Low consumption

    Energy consumption is low, costs one-fifth of the cost of a fuel vehicle.

  • Personalized panel

    The instrument panel is equipped with high-definition reversing image system and remote security network system, and given a limousine style and polished to the last detail.

L05City logistics, delivery expert

The product is developed for the characteristics of medium and short-distance logistics and transportation. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, large effective volume of the car, flexible control, low noise, zero emission and long cruising range. It is an ideal tool for urban logistics.

L06I give logistics a big difference

This is a CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. carefully developed pure electric logistics vehicle, suitable for delivery, distribution centers, medium and long distance transportation and large volume transportation. It has the advantages of large capacity, multi-purpose, safe and reliable.
  • Spacious

    The headlight is made of external diamond-cut process and ultimate in reflection of light. The vehicle has an internal space of 11.68 cubic meters. It is faster and more economical, and it is more than 50% more energy efficient than traditional vehicles.

  • Long cruising

    The vehicle has a high power distribution capacity, and the lithium titanium phosphate battery guarantees a maximum cruising range of 260 kilometers and a long cruising range.

  • Efficient power

    Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, and imported WIA gearbox (no gearbox), guarantee low energy consumption and strong power.

  • Future Tech

    Diversified charging methods, fast and convenient, remote security operation management system, monitoring system.

5.8m pure electric van

  • Strong power

    The rated power of the drive motor TZ250SXD17 is 40KW. The peak power is 90KW, and the cruising range is 300km.

  • Convenient charging

    There are multiple charging methods, which make the charging fast and convenient. Furthermore, the charging facilities are equipped with remote security operation management system and monitoring system to guarantee users’ safety.

  • Spacious

    The outline of the coach space is horizontal and vertical, resulting in a regular form and higher utilization rate of the space. Up to 10.48m3-11.68m3, the space is larger than that of the similar models. Larger space and higher loading capacity all lead to the higher efficiency of the logistics work efficiency.

  • Safe and reliable

    The vehicle body adopts pyramid structure for stabilization and balance. The whole vehicle body is made of ultra-high-strength steel and galvanized sheet. Those high quality materials enable the vehicle body to be more stable and have higher loading capacity, and provide extreme safety.