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Technical innovation

Whole industrial chain system

Based on the strong technical force of CRRC, CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. formed a whole industry chain platform of new energy vehicle from IGBT components to driving electric motor, battery management system and other key parts, as well power system platform and the finished vehicles.

  • Key components

  • System components

  • BMS

  • Finished vehicle platform

  • Big data operation and management platform

A strong R & D team

With the joint effort of nearly 400 R & D technicians professionally engaging in electric vehicle core technologies, led by Mr. Ding Rongjun, an academician of China Engineering Academy, we built up a complete technical R & D system and platform with the leading power in the industry

  • 219 patents in new energy vehicle field
  • 26national and related standards developed with CRRC.EV’s presiding or participation
  • 7national or provincial or ministerial awards for progresses in science and technology

Academician Ding Rongjun

Academician of China Engineering Academy

Expert of Academic Board, China EV100

Expert Guo Shuying

Experienced expert in the industry

An expert of China EV100

High-speed class R&D platform


The latest generation of Cloud System platform was updated in 2018, and by the cloud connection, cloud computation and cloud intelligence, the platform understands the users’ demands, actively offers services, connect 3 nets of human, vehicle and service, to give intelligence to vehicles, offer the ecological scenario services for end users and facilitate the transformation of the vehicles to the life spaces.

Cloud System platform system
Connections with all platforms


Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technical innovation drive the intellectualization of driving, and will finally build up a new travelling method with driverless driving as the guidance. By the high coordination among human, vehicle and road, the bus companies will save much cost, effectively avoid the traffic accidents caused by the drivers’ fatigue driving or misoperation, and improve the safety and operation efficiency.

CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. mainly realizes the driverless technology by integrating radar alarm, laser locator accurate ranging, completely new positioning system identifying road conditions, infrared camera expanding nighttime view, wheel coder automatically adjusting automobile speed, 3-D image presentation and other core technologies. In Aug 2017, CRRC globally released the 3rd generation of 12m length pure electric intelligent driving bus for the first time.

Intelligent driving functions

Intelligent driving plan

  • 2018 to 2019

    CRRC.EV will mainly improve the intelligent control technology, and integrate electric control, driverless technology, vehicle networking and big data technologies, to realize the aided road driving and automatic driving application in a close area, and will develop the in-vehicle key technologies about automatic driving, including perception, decision, interaction and system integration, to build up the aided driving ability and realize the productization application of some branch technologies of automatic driving, including LDW, FCW, AEB and so on.

  • 2020 to 2025

    CRRC.EV will integrate self-perception and interconnected perception technology, and based on cloud platform, realize the driverless driving on the semi-closed road and under complex conditions.

  • After 2025

    CRRC.EV will mainly grasp V2X coordination control, build up a highly, or completely, automatic driving ability and realize the automatic driving on the open road.


CRRC.EV will stick to the purely electric driving path, with the extended range plug-in technologies, pure electric driving technology and fuel cell technology as the core. As shown in the related researches, one 12m length pure electric bus may reduce 1000kg smog emission during its annual 70k km operation.

  • 70000km

    Annual operation of 12m length pure electric vehicles

  • 1000kg

    Annual smog emission reduction

Light weight

By optimizing vehicle structure design, application of light weight materials and development the formation technologies of light materials, CRRC.EV realizes energy saving and emission reduction to improve vehicle efficiency and driving safety.

  • Light weight materials

  • Energy saving and emission reduction

Could connection

Applying the intelligent terminal, RFID identification card, V2X device and environmental sensor as the hardware base, and the cloud computing, real-time processing and big data analysis mining as software support, as well as combining with artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, the created intelligent bus operation platform is internally interconnected, data sharing and decision-driven. This operation platform promotes the transformation of traffic management to digitalization, be intelligent and automatic, achieving high coordination of people, vehicle and road.

Cloud calculation

The cloud calculation is an intelligent operation management by combining three platforms of big data collection, analysis and application, and integrating people, vehicle and bus line. It can provide services such as real-time security management, vehicle condition analysis, driving behavior analysis, malfunction warning and remote diagnosis, emergency rescue assistant, maintenance, etc.

Cloud Intelligence

Focusing on the urban traffic operation scenarios, based on technologies such as GIS digital map, GPS/Beidou satellite navigation, GPRS/CDMA mobile communication, machine vision recognition, etc, the Cloud System collects in real time the location, status and passenger flow information of the operating intelligent buses. Combining with the determination and the execution of the bus operation plan of the bus company, the Cloud System will realize the real-time visual monitoring of the vehicle operation status and the real-time automatic dispatching of the on-route vehicles, and automatically provide the bus companay with scientific and reasonable vehicle dispatching and route planning schemes.