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Enterprise Vision

Connect the world to benefit mankind

Enterprise mission

o be a new name card of CRRC and a globally famous comprehensive solution provider of new energy vehicles

As for the state, society and its shareholders, users and employees, CRRC bears an unmovable responsibility. This responsibility is to promote the Chinese industry for the state, present a sustainable transportation method for the society, create a good return for the shareholders, to supply the highly value-added products for the users, and form a promotional platform for the employees.

CRRC’s philosophy

  • Core value

    Faithfulness & Right Way, Well Being & Doing is CRRC.EV’s core value and the base for CRRC employees to do things and be themselves.

  • Organizational climate

    Harmony, Simplicity, Faithfulness, Openness and Inclusion is the organizational climate advocated by CRRC.EV.

  • Style of working

    "I will do it by myself, I will do it right away, and I will do it well" is the work style advocated by the company.

Brand orientation

Electric driving pilot and zero emission facilitator

Core value of the brand

The English acronym of these 4 words are CRRC, which is just right the English brand name of CRRC, and presents the permanent promise of CRRC to the users

  • Customer-oriented

    To focus on orientation by users’ demands, and settle problems and create value joint with users

  • Responsible

    To focus on that CRRC sincerely and professionally realizes all of its promises to the nation, society, customers and employees

  • Reliable

    To focus on reliable products, reliable technologies, reliable solutions, reliable services and reliable promises

  • Creative

    To focus on that CRRC devotes itself to creating the most valuable products and services for the customers. Creation is the power for the development of CRRC and the pioneering force for the CRRC employees to overcome all kinds of difficulties on the base of nothing in possession

Brand image of CRRC

The domestic brand image is the Innovation Leader in China, which presents the leading force of CRRC in the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry and carries an important mission to lead the industrial upgrading; and is the Innovation Promoter in other countries, which presents the driving force of CRRC in the international high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and that CRRC will facilitate the continuous creative development in the industry jointly with the stakeholders.

  • Innovation leader
  • Innovation promoter

VI basic elements of CRRC

Safety Space for Brand Logos

Wrong application composition samples of the brand logos

Color standards

Special color composition & auxiliary figures