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City Bus
C08 - TEG6801BEV01
It is applicable to the branch bus line of large, medium and small-sized city, intercity passenger transport, commuter shuttle, specially designed and developed city bus to adapt to different urban environments.
Intercity Bus
T11 - TEG6110EV04
It is applicable to the intercity passenger transportation, tourism reception, conference reception of large, medium and small-sized city, specially designed and developed to adapt to different urban environments.
Business Car
R06 - TEG6640BEV
R06 has an appearance of angel and is equipped with diamond cutting headlight. Through the variation of the seat configurations, the inside space of this car can be transformed for your need. Its luxury seats are purchased with aviation-grade standards, providing professional travel hospitality and comfort for your important, respectful and high class guests
City Transportation
L05 - TEG5041XXYEV03
The product is developed for the characteristics of short and medium -distance logistics and transportation. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, large effective loading volume, flexible control, low noise, zero emission and long cruising range. It is an ideal tool for urban logistics.
The high-speed electric drive system is in line with the pure electric drive system of the new energy passenger car. It integrates technology accumulation of more than 50 years of CRRC TIMES ELECTRIC VEHICLE CO., LTD. on the pure electric drive. It is the most mature and stable electric drive system of new energy vehicle in China.

Electric Drive Leader, Zero Emissions Promoter

Enterprise strength

Until the end of 2018,
CRRC. EV holds a leading launch scale of electric vehicle in China.

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